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Wizards vs. Magic Final Score: Washington's hot shooting overwhelms Orlando, 115-106

The Wizards extend their winning streak to four, they're one game over .500, and they passed their first test without Nene and Seraphin with flying colors.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington, D.C. - A wire to wire win! Woo!

John Wall scored 27 points, Trevor Ariza had 22 (including 5/5 from three!), and Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat both logged 21 points as the Wizards went on to beat the Magic 115-106. The team as a whole shot 52.5% from the field and  62.5% from three-point territory. It's hard to beat a team that's shooting that well from downtown. Sorry, Orlando.

The Wizards also successfully withstood their first real Nene-less test. Without Nene and Kevin Seraphin at his side tonight, Marcin Gortat was able to notch his fifth straight double double. Trevor Booker, Al Harrington, and Chris Singleton helped round out the frontcourt rottation... and it was kinda weird seeing Harrington and Singleton out there.

Other happy news: the Wizards have a four-game winning streak, and they're one game above .500 again for the second time this season and the second time in John Wall's professional career. Milestones, folks!

Anyway, not a ton to report about this game. The Wizards shot the ball well, showed they could play solid smallball, Ariza continues to prove why he couldn't be traded, and Harrington and Singleton proved they could still make some solid on-court contributions. All in all, a good win.

What did y'all think? Have at it in the comments (like I even need to tell you; you all know how to do it)!