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Drew Gooden will indeed be signing with the Wizards

He could be available as soon as Wednesday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's happening. The Wizards will indeed be using their open roster spot to give veteran Drew Gooden a 10-day contract, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

Gooden last played in the league last season, when he barely got off the bench for the Milwaukee Bucks. Gooden played in just 16 games last year -- a bunch in December, then basically none for the rest of the season. He is 32 and shares an agent with John Wall, Nene, Al Harrington and Martell Webster. He was technically a member of the Wizards in 2010 after being acquired in a deal with Dallas, but worked out a buyout and joined the Los Angeles Clippers.

I still believe this is an unimaginative signing and would have preferred scanning the D-League for hungry players that could have made the most of their opportunity. But alas, here's hoping Gooden can be useful.

UPDATE: It's now official.