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With Nene injured, Wizards 'likely' to sign Drew Gooden, according to report

Thoroughly uninspiring if true.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably know by now, Nene has a sprained MCL in his left knee and is expected to miss about six weeks, which would put him out for nearly the rest of the regular season. That means the open roster spot gained in Thursday's deal for Andre Miller has become even more important.

It sounds like the Wizards will temporarily be filling that slot with ... Drew Gooden?

Gooden was last under contract with the Bucks last season, where he barely could get off the bench. He's 32 and has been on 1,000 teams in his career, including the Wizards for a few glorious uneventful days in 2010. We pretty much know what he's bringing to the table at this point.

So ... why do the Wizards seem eager to sign him? Oh:


That's a list of primary Dan Fegan clients. Gooden would become the 22nd such player under contract in the league. Five of those 22 (Gooden, John Wall, Nene, Martell Webster, Al Harrington) would play for the Wizards. Fegan is to the Wizards what Scott Boras is to the Nationals.

On the bright side, Gooden is very photogenic.