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Pelicans vs. Wizards final score: Washington top New Orleans on last-second Nene slam

A superb effort from Anthony Davis wasn't enough as Nene's career night propelled Washington at home over New Orleans 94-93. Let us pray.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Surprising to learn New Orleans hadn't beaten Washington since 2011. It looks like Anthony Davis will have to wait a little longer, y'all. Full credit to elliotlevy2 for comment of the thread and tonight's headline. There was really no other choice.

Did everyone else get that sinking feeling in the first quarter? Nene started on fire with Gortat right behind him, but sloppy play on both ends is an all-too-familiar harbinger of doom. Eventually, the shots stop falling. What was going to happen tonight when they did?

Fortunately, the Professor was on hand to answer the question.

After a fairly passive first quarter from Washington's starting backcourt, the situation seemed prime for a second unit meltdown that never materialized. It seemed like the Wizards might run away with the game a few times, but the Anthonys (Davis and Morrow) stayed hot, the game stayed close and a decidedly passive second quarter from the House of Zards kept a sloppy affair even heading into the break.

A domestic emergency pulled me away from the game for the entire third quarter and the requisite run. Getting back as the fourth quarter got under way.

Easy to see how George Karl got in the habit of leaving Andre Miller on the floor. Beal's inconsistent scoring nights are going to make the Miller option a tough call for Randy Wittman. As much as it will pack the paint, I think we'll be seeing Wall and Miller share the court quite a bit come playoff time.

Good lord, what a finish. Wall came alive with playoff seeding on the line and the three best players on the court decided the ending. That's the action fans tune in for. Nene be with you.


  • Good lord, Nene. The Wizards frontcourt has showcased brilliant competency (is that a thing?) on both ends of the floor in the first quarter. If Anthony Davis is hitting long twos, you just kind of live with it, I guess.
  • Trevor Ariza puts the ball on the floor often enough to keep defenses honest and, well, yeah.
  • Hello, Andre Miller.
  • Hot shooting is covering some sloppy play on both ends. Eight turnovers and the lead after one? Eight turnovers and the lead after one.
  • Good and Bad Seraphin on display. That kind of team defense is going to keep him out of a playoff rotation. Until the second unit halfcourt offense stalls, anyway.
  • Like Mike said, Andre Miller isn't just some guy, eh? Offense looks's like an anger I never fully acknowledged is fading away.
  • Took a LONG time for Wall to score...these nights happen. Would really like to Wittman draw up some off-ball plays for when Wall can't get it going.
  • [insert third quarter run]
  • Can't wait for Wall to put some of these blocks down in the postseason. Can. Not. Wait.
  • M4RT3LL! Really looking forward to a couple of these in the playoffs.
  • Wall coming alive in the last few minutes.
  • Got an ugly feeling any close postseason games are going to see Nene getting hacked off the ball.
  • John Wall 1-on-4 in the halfcourt to set up the two-for-one? That happened.
  • Tough foul call on Nene, but can't argue it too much. Seven seconds or less for the Wiz to steal one back at home.
  • WALL AND NENE DELIVER! Not sure why Brian Roberts was on Wall, but with the Bobcats winning tonight, I'll take it alllll day.