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Andre Miller trade opens up luxury-tax space, roster spot

In addition to acquiring Andre Miller, the Wizards have opened up some space to make another move if need be.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

We'll have plenty more coverage evaluating the wisdom of the Andre Miller trade in the coming hours, but I wanted to quickly point out some salary-cap and roster effects of the move.

As we've noted a few times, the Wizards had to be conscious of the luxury tax when making a move. With this trade, they have been. Now, they might be able to reap the (very small) benefits.

Miller makes about $5 million this season, according to Sham Sports. (He also makes $4.6 million, with $2 million guaranteed next year, which is about as much as Maynor's player option would have been). Jan Vesely and Eric Maynor, meanwhile, make a combined $5.35 million. The Wizards were about $1 million below the luxury tax before; this deal adds another $350,000 or so of wiggle room.

And that may matter because of the other thing this deal does: open a roster spot. The Wizards were at the full 15 players before this trade, but by acquiring one player for two, they now have space to bring in someone else for a flyer. In other words: they can use that extra luxury-tax room to kick tires on someone like Rodrigue Beaubois.

Just one of the benefits of this move.