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John Wall, Bradley Beal don't think Wizards need to make a trade

We'll see if the general manager agrees.

Rob Carr

As the front office weighs scenarios until the 3 p.m. trade deadline, the Wizards players are waiting. As they wait, it sounds like at least the two biggest names on the team would be fine if nothing happened.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

"I haven't really talked to the front-office people. If they feel like we need a piece, they'll make a move. But I like the group of guys I'm with," John Wall said after the Wizards defeated the Hawks, 114-107, on Wednesday night. "When we all play together as a team and we all connect, we're a tough team to beat. But when we're being selfish, we don't have one guy who can do that on a consistent basis."

Bradley Beal agreed:

"Most definitely, with the chemistry we have and the guys we have, we feel as though we really don't need to make any changes," Beal said. "I mean, it's up to the front office, of course. But at the end of the day, we feel confident that we can beat anybody in the league and continue to feel that way."

Randy Wittman expressed a similar sentiment when asked earlier in the week. None of this should surprise anyone, as you almost never see a player say "You know, I really think we need to break up our team." Nevertheless, it's worth noting the public mood of the team.