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NBA trade rumors: Wizards calling Cavaliers about Luol Deng, according to report

This would be quite the stunner.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

All indications are that this will be a relatively quiet deadline for the Washington Wizards, one that'll feature minor moves for a backup point guard, if anything. Maybe those indications are wrong, though. ESPN's Marc Stein just dropped a really juicy rumor involving our favorite team and a target it once had.


Deng is on the block again because he has made it clear he's going to test the free-agent waters instead of committing to the Cavaliers long term. Several teams have asked about Deng, including the Dallas Mavericks. I guess you can add the Wizards to that list.

I'm not sure what would go back to Cleveland in such a deal. Trevor Ariza would probably be required, along with other pieces. And the Wizards would have to take on Cleveland's dilemma: will Deng re-sign?

That's why I'm skeptical this will actually happen. This is actually an old rumor in some respects -- the Wizards reportedly talked to the Bulls about trading the No. 3 pick in last year's draft for Deng. My guess -- and I stress guess -- is that this was just the Wizards kicking tires and isn't actually serious.

But we'll see. Stranger things have happened.

UPDATE (11:14 a.m.): Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports, looks like the Deng talk has cooled down significantly:

UPDATE (12:31 p.m.): Maybe this isn't dead.

We'll continue to update this post if anything changes.