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NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards "in lead" to land Andre Miller

Andre Miller wants out of Denver, and it looks like the Wizards and Timberwolves might be the preferred destinations.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If the rumor mill had its way, the Wizards would be stocked with backup point guards. Earlier, it was Beno Udrih. Now, it's the Professor, Andre Miller.

As Amick (who, I should note, is very reliable) notes, nothing is imminent, but the flurry of activity is worth noting. Between this rumor and the Udrih one, it's clear that the Wizards are on the track to upgrade their backcourt bench before their final playoff push. But it's also widely apparent that the Wizards are in need of said upgrade, so the talk could also be an amplification of his desire to leave Denver for a place that could use him.

If I could pick between Udrih and Miller? I think I'd pick Miller. But it'll also depend on what the Wizards would theoretically give up in trade.

We'll keep you updated if anything comes of this.

UPDATE (12:18 pm): WHOOOOAAA THERE! Things are heating up! TNT, Yahoo!, and USA Today are all reporting that the Wizards have raced ahead of the pack to get Miller. Jan Vesely and Eric Maynor's names have come up in discussions:

And again, per Yahoo!, there's a possibility that this might expand into a 3-team trade, with Eric Maynor probably not staying in Denver.

Miller would obviously fill a huge void in the backcourt rotation, and both Maynor and Vesely would hopefully be able to find better situations than their current ones in Washington. A bonus, as our own Satchel Price points out, is that Miller's deal might actually save the Wizards some cap space next season. That's a huge plus for Washington.

More as the story develops.