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The Wizards Trade Deadline Day Open Thread

Trade deadline day is so fun! Let's talk about it!

Rob Carr

It's that time of year again: it's NBA trade deadline day!

There's a ton of stuff floating around out there. A lot of people are talking. Some people are coaches, managers, agents, players, and reporters. Others are imposters (what's up, fake twitter accounts!), fans in-the-know, fans out-of-the-know, liars, and loonies. Bottom line: people are talking, and it's hard to keep it all straight.

The Wizards desire for a backup PG is floating around out there. There also happen to be a couple of backup PGs on the market now - one being Beno Udrih - and at some point, they may float into each other. Hard to tell at this point.

We're going to try to bring you as many credible rumors and stories as we can today. In the mean time, let's all use the comments in this post as an open thread where we can share rumors (hopefully legit ones!), and maybe toss around some decent trade ideas. Who knows, maybe some GMs are peeping the comments for some ideas!?! (Note: highly unlikely). Also, I know it'll be hard, but try not to fail class/get fired because you've been addicted to the trade deadline all day. :-)

Remember: all the madness ends around 3pm ET, when the trades have to be sent to the NBA league office for approval. We may see a few trickle in after that, but it's unlikely that we won't have heard about them before 3.

Happy trading!