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NBA trade rumors: Wizards still pursuing Beno Udrih

Probably pursuing him too much if the most recent rumor is true, if we're being honest.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The backup point guard push rolls on, to the point where it's starting to get a little silly. I know ESPN's Marc Stein often likes to add some theatrics to his tweets, but this just sounds ridiculous.

The Nuggets' offer, according to Stein? Jordan Hamilton straight up for Udrih. To trump that offer, the Wizards would have to deal an actual asset for Udrih. And that's where it's time to pull back.

Udrih, if you'll recall, was a summer target of the Wizards along with Eric Maynor. The Wizards chose Maynor for the bi-annual exception on the first day of free agency, a move that has worked out disastrously. Meanwhile, Udrih lingered on the market for several weeks before signing a veteran's minimum contract with the Knicks. Rather than provide insurance, Udrih clashed with Mike Woodson, played terrible defense and lost his rotation spot when Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni got healthy again. This is the guy that the Wizards are hoping to get.

I realize Udrih can bring some offense to the table, but with tons of backup point guards floating around and Garrett Temple at least giving decent minutes in a pinch, this is not the time to get involved in a bidding war.