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Wizards at Hawks Preview: The Battle for Middle Playoff Seeding Continues

The Wizards head into Atlanta tonight to face off against a surprisingly-resilient-in-the-face-of-injury Hawks team. Here's what's in store.

Kevin C. Cox

By all accounts, the Wizards had a great All-Star weekend. Then, they came home to DC, and they let the Raptors walk all over them. Again. Let's hope we don't get a repeat of that tonight.

Where and When? The game starts at 7:30pm at Phillips Arena in ATL.

Are they good? They, like the rest of the teams in the Eastern Conference not named the Heat, Pacers, Sixers, or Bucks are meh. They are decidedly meh. They fall right in the middle. They're below .500 right now, but they would be a much better team had Al Horford's arm not fallen off earlier this season. But, as it stands, they are like everyone else in the East: visual purgatory.

Who's out? Al Harrington is still recovering, but he's getting close! I think! Everyone else on the Wizards is theoretically healthy. As for the Hawks, they are without Horford, and they are also likely without Gustavo Ayon, who reinjured himself last night against the Bobcats. Having fewer offensive and defensive weapons inside will likely put a burden on Paul Millsap, but it will also likely make things easier for Nene, Gortat, and company.

What are they good at? Shooting, presumably, since Kyle Korver hasn't missed a three pointer since the Carter administration. They've also got the potential for a dual Cartier Martin + Shelvin Mack revenge game tonight. Wiz better watch out for that.

What are they bad at? Staying healthy. Man, I miss Al Horford.

Who's going to win? I dunno. Are the Wizards going to come out like they did last night? Or are they going to light a fire under their own butts? Let's hope for the latter.