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NBA trade rumors: Jameer Nelson, Jimmer Fredette may also be on Wizards' radar

Andre Miller and Luke Ridnour appear to be the top targets, but two other names may be backup plans in the Wizards' desire to find another point guard.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a non-starting point guard, chances are the Wizards have kicked the tires on you. The latest names to add to the list? Sacramento's Jimmer Fredette and Orlando's Jameer Nelsonaccording to Sports Illustrated's Chris MannixMannix notes that while Andre Miller and Luke Ridnour are atop the Wizards' list, Fredette and Nelson are backup plans.

Fredette is in the last year of his contract because the Kings did not pick up his fourth-year option. He's fallen out of the regular rotation, but has shown an ability to score when granted minutes. Still, his lack of defense is a concern, as has been his inability to function as the main ball-handler. If he came here, he'd probably have to be paired with Garrett Temple.

Nelson would be a great get, but he makes $8.6 million this year, so I have no clue how the Wizards would match salary without throwing in Trevor Ariza. I'm also not totally convinced the Magic are willing to give him away. His game has declined, but he is still probably the best player among all the names rumored.

These are secondary options, though. Miller and Ridnour appear to be the leading candidates.