Is this team worth a 30% increase in season ticket prices? Hell no.

In my heart of hearts, I knew it was coming. But still, when I got my season ticket renewal notice and saw that Ted had raised prices by almost 30% I got angry. Very angry. "How dare they?" I asked myself. Season ticket holders like us have filled the stadium when no one else would and yet they see nothing wrong with sticking it too us as soon as the team ceases to be a joke. I'm sending the following email to Ben Cobleigh, head of guest services (, and am cc'ing Ted at I encourage others to do the same.

Mr. Cobleigh

I just received my annual season ticket renewal form and was extremely angered to see that the organization has raised prices by almost 30%. I have been a ticket holder since 2010 and have sat through some of the worst professional basketball in the history of the NBA. I have sat next to people who purchased their tickets on stubhub for as low as 50 cents a piece. I have seen amenities like half-time entertainment stripped away and giveaways reduced. I have heard a lot of talk about improvement from the front office and seen with my eyes a team that is not constructed to make it past the second round of the playoffs in the foreseeable future, even in the rosiest of scenarios. Where in hell do you get the nerve to stick long suffering fans like myself with a 30% increase with nothing at all to show for it? Do you have any respect for the few of us who come and root on a team that by most standards has done nothing to deserve support over the last five years?

I expected a small increase in ticket prices now that the team is not a laughing stock, but this is absurd. And to make matters worse, you didn't even have the nerve to announce the price increase in your email. You didn't even have the courage to list the per-ticket price in the invoice, leaving it up to us to do the math. Perhaps you take us for idiots, and given that we've purchased your sorry product for so long, that's not an unfair assumption. But this is still unforgivable. You represent a cowardly, two-faced organization. You have no respect for your most loyal supporters. You have proven conclusively that this organization does not deserve fans.

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