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Let's make our 2014 NBA trade deadline predictions

What do we think is going to happen in the next couple days?


We're now a little more than two days from the trade deadline, and the Wizards have found themselves in a number of different rumors. Clearly, upgrading at backup point guard is a top priority of Ernie Grunfeld's, but will he actually get a deal done?

Now's as good a time as any to make some predictions. So, tell us: What do you think will happen in the next couple days?

Amin, Satchel, Thomas and I gave some predictions in yesterday's Google hangout. Here they are, summarized:

Amin: No trade.

Satchel: No trade.

Thomas: No trade

Mike: Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour for Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, Eric Maynor, Glen Rice Jr. and $2 million cash to cover Maynor's salary. (Note: Bucks would need to cut two people, so I'm not sure this specific proposal does it. Just predicting Ernie finds a way to get Neal and Ridnour).

What do you guys think will happen?