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Bullets Forever Hangout: Come join us for Wizards hoops talk!

The All-Star Game gave Wiz fans some reasons to be excited, but what's in store for the club over the next few months? We're talking hoops tonight!

Evening, everyone!

It's been a while since we've done this at Bullets Forever, but with the warming glow of John Wall's electric All-Star Weekend performance to bask in, what better time to get together and talk some Wizards basketball? With exactly 30 games remaining in the season and the trade deadline around the corner, we could probably go on all night talking hoops.

That's right, the Hangout is back!

Here's a little plan for what we'll be covering tonight

- Reviewing the All-Star Weekend and how much we all love John and Bradley
- Wizards trade deadline action (TRADE MACHINE WHAT'S GOOD?)
- Hopes and thoughts for the remainder of the regular season
- Favorite ice cream flavor

There will always be more to talk about, too, so join us in the comments! We'll do our best to steer the conversation towards any questions or topics you bring up, and hopefully we can all laugh and maybe learn a little bit in the process.

Thanks for joining, see you soon!