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John Wall says there'll be 'extra bodies involved' in Dunk Contest


Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Last week, we sent John Wall a few suggestions for dunks to attempt during Saturday's Slam Dunk Contest. We know he listened because he favorited our tweet.

Among our suggestions: Wall incorporating Gheorghe Muresan in some way, whether dunking over him, around him or something of the sort. In an interview with NBATV, Wall may have indicated that something of this ilk will actually happen.

"There will be extra bodies involved," he told Matt Winer and Steve Smith.

Who knows which "extra bodies" he's talking about, but Muresan sure would make a lot of sense. Alternatively, it could be a teammate. We'll see.

Wall also indicated that there "might be" props involved. "Gotta be creative nowadays," he said. He also said that "both hands" would be involved, whatever that means.

There's also plenty of talk about the Wizards' season in this six-minute video, so do be sure to check it out.