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John Wall discusses impact Miyah Telemaque-Nelson has on his life on SportsCenter

Wall opened up on Tuesday about the impact a young girl continues to have on his life after she passed away from cancer.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall understandably couldn't put his feelings into words about the impact Miyah Telemaque-Nelson had on his life after Monday night's double-overtime win against the Celtics. But Tuesday morning, he was able to open up more about the impact she has on his life on SportsCenter.

In the interview, he talks with Chris McKendry and Jay Crawford about the influence she had on him and why he was touched by her story. Lest we forget, his father died from a cancer when Wall was still in elementary school, so Miyah's story hit home for Wall. Here's part of what he had to say in the interview:

It just hurts. Her heart, just being around her, talking to her, you knew she was going to beat it, she knew nothing was going to stop her. To just see a five year old, that don't really know too much that's going on, and just trying to learn things about life, it just put a chip on my shoulder and my heart to say "I'm put on this earth not to just play basketball, but to be a role model and to help people out in certain situations."