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Evan Turner upset at referees after Celics' double-overtime loss to Wizards

Evan Turner was dissatisfied with his Verizon Center experience after the Celtics lost to the Wizards and made sure to share his thoughts on the reffing after the game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After missing a potential game winning shot in a hard fought 133-132 loss to the Wizards, Celtics guard Evan Turner expressed his displeasure with the officials to the media.

It wasn't just one call that upset the player picked behind Wall in the 2010 draft. In his view the referees were favoring the Wizards the entire night.

Post game complaining is nothing new for Turner.  After losing to Atlanta last week, he ripped Hawks guard Kyle Korver, saying Korver, "couldn't guard to save his life" and "has no business being in the game on the defensive end."

Basketball can be a frustrating game, but taking to the media like this twice in a week to go after officials and opposing players is a bad look for Turner.  Perhaps he could use the sage advice of a veteran player like the Wizards' Marcin Gortat who usually knows the right thing to say in these situations.