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Wizards vs. Celtics Final Score: Washington avenges loss in Boston in a double overtime nailbiter, 133-132

After getting whomped, rallying, then ultimately coming up short in Boston on Sunday, the Wizards return the favor to the Celtics in D.C. on Monday with a double overtime nailbiter of a win.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall is a beast.

Twenty-six points. Seventeen assists. A handful of jaw-dropping layups. A win on his back. And a tear-filled and heartfelt postgame interview.

This is who you want leading your team.

The Wizards certainly didn't do themselves any favors tonight with their 23 turnovers that resulted in 32 points for the Celtics. They saw a 23 point lead dissipate. They were forced into two overtime periods--both of which, they started down seven points.

But they managed to get stops, to rally back, and to avenge yesterday's loss.

It was definitely an impressive display by Boston's bench--with players like Rajon Rondo not playing heavy minutes tonight--the reserves (mostly Brandon Bass, Evan Turner, and Marcus Smart) led the way against the Wizards and frustrated the home team and the home crowd for the fourth quarter and most of the extra periods.

The game-winning difference for the Wizards tonight? They had Paul Pierce's 28 points and clutch shooting, Marcin Gortat's perfection from the free throw line, and Wall. His attitude and composure down the stretch, even though he clearly had an emotional weight bearing down on him, held the team together and made sure they brought home the win. The amount of growth he has shown over his time in D.C. and continues to show makes is impressive. It makes him fun to watch, it makes the team fun to watch, and it makes me proud to be a Wizards fan.

The Wizards have a day off before they play Orlando on Wednesday, so hopefully they'll get some rest and watch some tape to try to prevent all those turnovers. And hopefully they'll also celebrate their lack of panic down the stretch and their ability to win an absurdly close game.

Now, it's time for pancakes.