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Wizards vs. Celtics Game Thread

Sunday afternoons are meant for NBA basketball.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
2014-15 NBA Regular Season
December 7, 2014
TD Garden
1 p.m.
CSN (D.C. area), WNEW 99.1 FM
Projected Starting Lineups
Rajon Rondo PG John Wall
Avery Bradley SG Bradley Beal
Jeff Green SF Paul Pierce
Jared Sullinger PF Kris Humphries
Tyler Zeller C Marcin Gortat
2014-15 Advanced Stats
97.9 (2nd)
Pace 93.4 (16th)
106.0 (18th)
ORtg 106.5 (16th)
108.3 (23rd)
DRtg 101.7 (5th)
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More Numbers

Wizards 50.7% (11) 13.6% (14) 25.7% (18) 20.9% (15) 47.4% (6) 14.6% (10) 76.7% (8) 24.6% (24)
Celtics 50.6% (12) 13.2% (11) 24.8% (19) 16.9% (30) 51.1% (22) 12.5% (20) 77.3% (6) 20.3% (11)

Random Blurb

In much of the country, and perhaps many households in the Washington, D.C. area, people will be dedicated to the NFL teams in their areas. While I'll be happy to see the dysfunctional Redskins win another game this season, let alone against Bradley Beal's and Otto Porter's hometown St. Louis Rams, I don't find it likely. But that's a topic for another blog.

And in case you didn't know, a familiar face you may have seen on Monumental Network videos happened to visit her old stomping grounds last Friday.

Casey Phillips is now a digital correspondent for the Rams in case you are wondering where she went off to. Here's a link to an interview she did with backup running back Trey Watts, who went to Oakton High School in Vienna. In the interview, Watts mentioned that he rooted for the Cowboys as a child living in Northern Virginia... to be fair, his father, J.C. Watts is a former congressman from Oklahoma.

Hope you enjoyed your time in D.C. Casey. We enjoyed the work that you did with the Wizards and Mystics when you were here.

Also, it's Kevin Seraphin's birthday:

Anyways, we got business to take care of. Let's get this winning streak to five, shall we?