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Marcin Gortat says John Wall is the "top PG in this league"

After Friday's blowout win over the Nuggets, Gortat took to Twitter to defend his stance that John Wall is the best point guard in the NBA.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

After the Wizards' blowout win over Denver, people were excited. Some people at the Verizon Center were excited because they were getting a free chicken sandwich, but the majority were excited to see John Wall spearhead a blowout victory over the Wizards. While Wall's stat line wasn't head-turning (9 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds in 28 minutes) he was in full control of the game in ways that are hard to explain in words.

We were excited about how Wall played, commenters were excited about how Wall played, but no one was more excited that Marcin Gortat, who tweeted this after the game.

In a shocking twist, people used Gortat's comments to start a debate on Twitter. But Gortat wasn't just throwing something out there to be discussed, he came ready to defend his position. After someone pointed out that Kyrie Irving was selected to Team USA ahead of him, Gortat had this to say:

He then retweeted this, to show how he really felt about Team USA's decision to not include Wall on the FIBA World Cup roster:

Someone told him he was drunk for saying Wall was the best point guard in the league. His response:

When CSN Washington's Ben Standig shared Gortat's tweet, Marcin took the opportunity to reaffirm his stance:

And then he replied to one last tweet from CSN Washington's J. Michael:

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While we appreciate what Gortat had to say about Wall, this is still the best thing he talked about this week.