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Watch John Wall dish out 15 assists against the Lakers

Thanks to another dazzling performance against the Lakers. John Wall has emerged as the NBA's leader in an important NBA statistic.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, we saw John Wall put together one of the most efficient games of his career against the Heat. Wednesday against the Lakers, he wasn't quite as efficient on the shooting end (he only made 6 of his 18 shots) but made up for it with how he passed the ball.

He racked up 15 assists and also had 6 secondary assists, according to's player tracking. When you add in those secondary assists and free throw assists from his game against Miami, Wall has 41 assists over the last two games.

All those dimes are piling up, and thanks to last night's game, Wall has edged ahead of Rajon Rondo for the highest assist percentage in the NBA, among qualified players, assisting on 45.1 percent of his teammates' field goals when he is on the floor. His teammate Andre Miller, as of right now, is holding down 5th on the list, with an assist percentage of 40.3 percent.