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Sharing is caring: Wizards prove too much for Kobe and the Lakers

The Wizards had 33 assists on 45 made field goals in Wednesday's win over the Lakers. We take a look at how they moved the ball around, as well as Marcin Gortat's thoughts on selfies, in today's Wake-Up Call.

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1. Wizards dish out 33 assists in 111-95 win over Lakers

Wow. I hope everyone was able to use last night to get some rest from the excitement of the win.

If not, I can't blame you.

The Wizards put together one of their best performances of the season as they proved that a team playing together is difficult to beat. Kobe Bryant did what Kobe Bryant does while Nick Young chipped in to make it interesting in the early going for Los Angeles. The Wizards as a whole were just too strong for those two to beat by themselves.

I already made one San Antonio Spurs reference earlier in the season and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again, but when I see the Wizards' beautiful ball movement leading to easy baskets, I can't help but compare the two teams. I also hate throwing out statistics because that's too easy to do, but doing it's the easiest way to explain last night's victory.

  • John Wall had 15 assists
  • The Wizards had 33 assists on 45 made field goals
  • Kris Humphries had 20 rebounds
  • Bradley Beal had 27 points
  • Marcin Gortat had 21 points and 11 rebounds
  • Rasual Butler had 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting and a quality photobomb of Beal's postgame interview
  • The Wizards held the Lakers to 16 assists and 13 turnovers

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2. Paul Pierce day-to-day with jammed toe

Wall landed on it during the game and the pain was too much for the 37-year old to deal with. He left the game in the third quarter and didn't return. He will miss today's practice with the hope that he will be good to go for Friday's matchup with the Denver Nuggets.

3. Gortat's thoughts on selfies

I'll just leave it to Gortat explain this one.

4. Hear from the teams

Glenn Consor one-on-one with Bradley Beal

John Wall

Paul Pierce

Kris Humphries

Marcin Gortat

Randy Wittman

And for the Lakers...

Kobe Bryant

Nick Young