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Wizards vs. Lakers video: Watch all three of Bradley Beal's slam dunks

I may be thinking too soon, but should he be in the slam dunk contest too?

Bradley Beal made two nice slam dunks in the first half during the Wizards' Wednesday game against the Lakers. The first dunk (embedded above or click here to get to Monumental Network) was done with 7:48 in the first quarter, when he stole the ball from Kobe Bryant and sprinted on a one-man fast break.

If that wasn't enough, Beal made a driving two-handed slam from a Marcin Gortat pass with 3:31 left in the second quarter to cut down what was a double digit Laker lead to a 48-42 margin at that point. The Wizards would finish the first half ahead, 54-52. This dunk is embedded below, or click here for the link from Monumental Network:

Nice dunks indeed. Now, I wonder whether we should see the House of Guards have a dunk-off in the near future.

Update, December 4, 2014 at 12:15 a.m. ET - Beal dunked a third time toward the end of the game on the fast break, so the title has been changed accordingly. It was not unlike the dunk he made in the first quarter. Watch the GIF of it below:

beal dunk GIF

Absolute beauty!