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John Wall leads all guards in first returns of NBA All Star balloting

It's a close race, but John Wall and LeBron James lead all Eastern Conference players in All Star voting so far.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's early, but the NBA has released their first returns of NBA All Star balloting, and John Wall is second to only LeBron James in votes, and first among all guards, in the Eastern Conference. Here's where he stacks up among guards so far:

1. John Wall - 299,209

2. Dwyane Wade - 265,917

3. Kyrie Irving - 237,356

4. Kyle Lowry - 182,896

5. Derrick Rose - 105,465

Bradley Beal is way down the list at 10th among guards with 13,911 votes, while Marcin Gortat is seventh among all frontcourt court players (57,715 votes), and Paul Pierce at 11th with 35,197 votes.

Balloting ends on January 19th and the starters will be revealed in an hour long edition of TNT NBA tip-off on January 22nd. Keep getting those votes in.