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Highlights of John Wall's dominant 18 point, 13 assist game against Miami

John Wall's got his ninth double-double of the season, but the raw stats don't do justice to how well John Wall controlled the game against Miami.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Rasual Butler's 23 point game stole most of the headlines after Monday's win over the Heat, but make no mistake, John Wall was the best player on the floor last night. It's easy to look at an 18 point, 13 assist game and dismiss it, because Wall has done it so often this year. More often than anyone else, other than Chris Paul, who needed an extra game to get there.

But even still, just looking at Wall's points and assists doesn't do Wall justice, and for that, I'm glad Dawk Ins included some of Wall's plays that didn't end up leading to points, because it further reiterates just how good Wall was last night.

On the scoring side, Wall was super-efficient, scoring 18 points on 10 shots last night. You can discredit the phantom foul on his four-point play, but it takes skill to make that three while selling the foul. But the real story was his passing.

It's not easy to get 13 assists in 31 minutes, but consider all the extra stuff he did. According to, Wall also had three secondary assists and four assists on plays that drew free throws. So if you count those plays (which you should), Wall had 20 assists, to go along with his 18 points in 31 minutes of action. Just something to keep in mind when you make your All-Star selections.


We just ran the numbers, and here's how much Wall played into the Wizards' production:

  • The Wizards made 26 field goals when Wall was on the court. Wall scored six of those, assisted on 13, and had a secondary on three others, so he played a part in 22 of the team's 26 field goals when he was on the floor.
  • The Wizards attempted 15 free throws with Wall on the floor. He took five himself and had those four free throw assists. None of them were and-one opportunities, which means Wall helped generate 13 of the team's 15 free throw attempts while he was on the floor.