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Why John Wall might not make the All-Star game this season

Despite being among the NBA leaders in assists and the best player on the second-best team in the East, there's still a chance John Wall might miss the All-Star Game this year.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In Matt Moore's power rankings this week, the Wizards are still ranked in the top 10. That ranking could be considered generous by some after a disappointing loss to the Atlanta Hawks at home and a trouncing on the road from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Wizards are still a good, but flawed team, and Moore's ranking indicates that. But what came after the ranking was more alarming than any subtle drop the Wizards suffered in the rankings. Moore suggests Wall may be left out of the All-Star game this season, despite playing great basketball.

Washington had a bumpy week against good teams, but settled in nicely with a win over the Pelicans. They need to hit a certain groove to defend at their best; they're not lockdown possession-to-possession. But they're very good and John Wall continues to do more than the box score indicates, though I get the feeling he's going to get shut out from the All-Star team despite a great season.

This has some real potential of happening. We all know Wall has been playing well this season in spite of the Wizards' lack of offensive production. Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade are almost guaranteed a spot in the game because of the fan vote--even with the large portions of the season they've missed so far, so Wall will need to rely on the coaches' selections to get selected.

But Wall's numbers right now are not in peak form, and that is what a majority of coaches will look at when they consider the All-Star reserves. It is going to be difficult making a case for Wall without actually looking at tape and seeing his floor game, and there have been guards on great offensive teams putting up great numbers.

Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, and Jimmy Butler are all playing fairly well right now. DeMar DeRozan solidified himself as one of the more productive shooting guards in the league before he went down with a groin injury, and  and should be back far before the All-Star game is played. You can make arguments that Wall is better than each of those players, but all four players have the advantage of more national exposure, or a better win-loss record to boost their candidacy.

To be clear, Moore is not saying Wall does not deserve to make it or that he even thinks this will happen. He is just bringing up the possibility of it happening, which is very real. This is something to look out for in the near future when voting starts, and all the more reason to vote for Wall when that time comes.