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Washington Wizards and Capitals get together for some amazing holiday cards

The Wizards and Capitals got together to take some great photos in awful sweaters.

Just in time to enjoy before you take next week off for the holidays, Monumental Network #blessed the internet with this video of Washington Wizards and Capitals players getting together to take holiday photos for us all to enjoy. You can see the video above and then enjoy the still shots below.

John Wall and Alexander Ovechkin

Wall Ovechkin Card

Nothing says D.C. has arrived as a sports town quite like this card. I don't how to put it into words, but if you've rooted for D.C. sports, you understand what I'm saying here.

Rasual Butler, Bradley Beal and Garrett Temple

Rasual Butler Beal Temple

All the photographer had to do to get this reaction was ask how many points they would score John Wall passed to them for an open three on every possession for a full game.

Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter and Drew Gooden

Gortat Gooden Porter

That's probably the most upset we've ever seen Drew Gooden. If he doesn't cheer up soon, he's going to get a visit from Clarence, his guardian angel.

Andre Miller, Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair

Andre Kris Blair card

Not sure what's scarier in this picture: Andre Miller's cheshire cat smile, or Kris Humphries having an unusually bad hair day, but smiling through it.

Otto Porter and Martell Webster

Porter Webster Card

Honestly, if Martell had been in a pose other than that, I would have been greatly disappointed.

Nene and Kevin Seraphin

Nene Kevin Seraphin card

This is how we imagine these two are most of the time when they're hanging out.

The Wizards' coaching staff

Wizards Coaching Staff Holiday Card

UPDATE at 5:00 AM on December 25: The Mystics also created a holiday video of their own, and we didn't put theirs on here originally because their video really wasn't a holiday card. It just showed some of their players dancing with highlights in the background.

Given that most WNBA players are overseas (including theirs) during the NBA season, and their season is during the NBA off-season, it's really hard to get them on the same video with Wizards and Capitals players. From looking at the color of Stefanie Dolson's hair, (which is purple -- she's the one player who says "Happy Holidays" and isn't merely dancing), it looks like that they may have taped this during Media Day last spring before their 2014 season started. The embed's below from Monumental Network or click here.