January 21, 2015 is Wizards Appreciation Day!!

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This is an idea that notoriousreg mentioned that I added a little bit more to. Just as AverageBro stated in his FanPost about John Wall being unlikely to start in the All-Star game, it's very clear that the local media has remained mum about this team. As I stated in my comment on that post, we are the most viable collection of Wizards fans in the world. This is probably one of the, if not the, largest collection of Wizards fans in one place, so I believe it's really up to us to demand more coverage, but the only way this is going to happen is if we are united and have a clear plan on how that's going to happen, so here goes my plan.

When will Wizards Appreciation Day happen?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015, All Day

Why this date?

Several reasons:

  1. Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be in DC to play the Wizards, so the buzz will already be there.
  2. The game that night will be a nationally televised game on ESPN.
  3. It gives the media a compelling reason to talk about not only the game, but the success of the team.
  4. It shows Kevin Durant and other potential free agents that we have a dedicated and passionate fanbase.
  5. After Redskins season, there is really no excuse to talk about them at that point.

What do we do?

We need to make our voices be heard to every local media outlet and let them know that we want more Wizards coverage and we want to show them how many of us support this team. So we need to use every mode of communication possible to do so.

  • On Twitter: Tag each media source and place the hashtag #coverthewizards
  • On Facebook: Create your own personal post on your page (makes sure the setting are on public for that post) with the hashtag #coverthewizards. Also go on each media's page, make a post with the hashtag #coverthewizards
  • On Instagram: Put a picture up of your favorite player(s) on the team and add hashtag #coverthewizards

Who is the media we need to reach out to?

What are our goals?

1. To get the media to talk about the Wizards by showing them how many people want more coverage.

2. To draw attention to how passionate the Wizards fanbase actually is.

Anything else?

Vote for the Wizards into the All-Star game!!!!!!


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