Why John Wall Will Never... Ever Start The NBA All-Star Game

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I tweet "John Wall #NBABallot" at least 10 times once a day. You should too. But despite this team's 18-6 start, I think all Wizards fans should prepare themselves for the inevitable disappointment when Derrick Rose or Kyrie Irving end up starting the game at PG. Not because John's not great (he's from my hometown, and therefore he's awesome!), but because he doesn't have the local buzz to help overcome his lack of national buzz. And none this is his fault at all. It's the local media's fault.[1]

I don't know which rapper said it, but to paraphrase him "if you aren't popular in your own hometown, why should anybody else care"? And when the Wizards are in the midst of their best season since The Carter Administration, you wouldn't know it if you watch or listen to local media.

Nope, all they care about is the 3 And Inevitably 13 Redskins, a godawful dysfunctional franchise that has an inexplicable stranglehold over local sports talk radio and newscasts.

This is largely anecdotal, since I mostly tune into the local sports talk stations during drivetime. I do, however find myself flipping between the 4 local nightly newscasts and more times than not a non-event at Redskins Park is the lead sports story. Sometimes the Wizards, even the night of/after a game, don't even get mentioned. John Wall is an MVP candidate and the best player in this city (in any sport) and just won the Eastern Conference Player Of The Week. Not a single newscast mentioned this Monday night, instead focusing once more on the rotating cast of ineffective QB's for the burgundy and gold.

The ripple effect of this is startling. After making it to the 2nd round for the first time in a decade last Spring, attendance at Verizon Center is actually down this year, and TV ratings, while better, are still among the league's worst. In a media market and metro area this large, that's simply unacceptable. Fewer local eyeballs = fewer local All Star votes. Yeah, #FirstWorldProblems, I know. But after following this wretched franchise for nearly 20 years, I think we're due some recognition. It simply isn't coming.

Wall is just now getting national recognition[2], but his lack of national games (so far) and the team's overall lack of exposure pretty much stacks the deck against him. When Rose's "return" gets fawned over and Irving gets a big stage twice a week thanks to "The Return", it's hard to see how a guy like John Wall that most people in his own city don't know exists is going to make it.

Maybe we need to organize some sort of "gentle agitation campaign" to get local media to cover this team with the level of attention it deserves. Anyone up for a #CoverTheWizards hashtag?

Either way, John's gonna make the All-Star game. I just wish it wasn't as a reserve.

[1] And maybe some of it's Ted's fault for not effectively marketing this team, but I digress.

[2] Isaiah Thomas, a guy who should know good PG play didn't even list Wall in his Top 5 yesterday. Gary Payton, a guy who should know better himself and used to speak glowingly of John just stated that Wall wasn't a "true point guard". So there's that.

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