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Highlights of all 23 of Rasual Butler's points, including two dunks against Minnesota

Rasual Butler tied his season high in the Wizards' 109-95 win over Minnesota.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last week, it looked like Rasual Butler was finally starting to cool down after a blazing hot start to the season. In the Wizards' four games last week, he was 11-26 from the field and 5-13 on threes. Then, in the first half of Tuesday's game he 2-7 from the field. It looked like that slump to balance out Butler's unsustainable numbers was on its way to restore order to the world.

Then the fourth quarter happened.

Rasual Butler scored 18 points on 7-8 shooting and made all three of three point attempts as the Wizards turned a somewhat close game into a laugher. Certainly, John Wall's dominance of the game created some solid looks for Butler, but he wasn't just the beneficiary of parking around the three point line and waiting for Wall to pass him the ball. Butler snagged five rebounds, had a pair of assists and also made a few nice plays of the fast break, going coast to coast on one drive, and finishing an alley-oop on another. Here are the highlights from the game:

A time is probably still coming where Butler will cool down, but last night, when things started to go downhill, Butler created his own opportunities, and it made all the difference.