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Wizards vs. Timberwolves Game Thread

The #1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft comes to town, along with Randy Wittman's predecessor. This should be an interesting game.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
2014-15 NBA Regular Season
December 16, 2014
Verizon Center
7 p.m.
CSN (D.C. area), WNEW 99.1 FM
Projected Starting Lineups
Zach LaVine PG John Wall
Corey Brewer SG Bradley Beal
Andrew Wiggins SF Otto Porter
Thaddeus Young PF Kris Humphries
Gorgui Dieng C Marcin Gortat
2014-15 Advanced Stats
96.2 (5th)
Pace 93.6 (14th)
101.4 (25th)
ORtg 106.1 (16th)
111.8 (28th)
DRtg 101.8 (5th)
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More Numbers

Wizards 50.9% (10) 13.9% (19) 25.5% (18) 19.9% (18) 47.3% (6) 14.4% (11) 76.4% (8) 24.4% (25)
Wolves 46.0% (27) 13.7% (15) 27.6% (5) 23.6% (7) 54.4% (30) 15.3% (3) 72.7% (27) 21.5% (16)

Random Blurb

I am looking forward to this game against Minnesota. It's not so much because of the return of Flip Saunders, but because we get to see Andrew Wiggins, the first overall pick in the 2014 Draft. It's always fun watching a game when the top pick comes to town. He's having an okay season statistically, and I look forward to seeing how he fares against Paul Pierce OTTO PORTER!!!!!!

As the table above shows, Minnesota is not having a good season in the standing. This is partly because they're rebuilding yet again, now that Kevin Love's gone. The Wolves also managed to be the first team to lose to the woeful Philadelphia 76ers, who are also rebuilding for the future. I'll just leave it at that since we're focusing on Minny for today.

It must be frustrating for Wolves fans to see that their sister team, the Minnesota Lynx winning two WNBA championships in the last three years, which is headlined by 2014 MVP Maya Moore. I just don't know two teams owned by the same person can be heading in two completely different directions, though the Lynx have a young franchise player in Moore, a strong veteran cast around her, and a clear direction which helps them. A lot.

Perhaps I shouldn't be too critical of the Wolves' and Lynx's opposite directions, given that here in D.C., we're in a somewhat similar spot. Except that the Wizards are the team on the upswing, while the Mystics are in a holding pattern though they are honestly trying to get out of it.

The Wizards could very well be one of the East's best teams for years to come, while the Mystics may be mediocre at best given what they have to work with. In some ways, they are like the WNBA's Timberwolves, since both teams have been mediocre at best over long periods of time, while failing to get the assets needed to win, often due to unlucky draft lottery outcomes.

Still, the Wolves can take a page out of whatever the Lynx do right, as this 2013 post in Canis Hoopus explains. Hopefully they can right the ship soon. And here in the D.C. area, maybe the Mystics will commit to do what the Wizards had to in order to get to where they are right now. We touched on what could turn their team around this past summer.

But even though I wish the Wolves well, the Wizards should defeat this team easily as long as they follow Nene's advice from last season. A loss to this team will be unacceptable.

Time to take care of business and get win number 18.