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John Wall is not scared of Liam Neeson's Knicks in new ESPN commercial

As it turns out, Liam Neeson sounds much less intimidating on the phone when he's threatening someone with the Knicks.

Christmas Day is right around the corner, which means the Wizards will be facing the Knicks at Madison Square Garden before you know it. The Wizards are one of the NBA's hottest teams and should give fans nationwide quite a show to enjoy during the afternoon. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the Knicks who are 5-21 at the moment.

Since there's a bit of performance gap between the Knicks and the Wizards at the moment, the Knicks have gone to some unusual measures to try to put some fear into the Wizards before the big game. They've employed someone with a very particular set of skills, skills that he's acquired over a very long career, skills that make him a dream candidate for a commercial like this. (HT: Blog So Hard)

Maybe John Wall would be more concerned if he was facing a team filled with Liam Neesons on Christmas Day.