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Clippers' Matt Barnes fined for cursing at Wizards fans

The NBA fined Matt Barnes for cursing at two Wizards fans and kicking a water bottle towards them in the stands.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hey remember when the Wizards outplayed the Clippers last night? That was pretty great. You know what wasn't pretty great? Matt Barnes directing his frustration at a couple of Wizards fans in the closing minutes of the game.

Barnes was fined by the NBA today for his conduct. Here's the press release:

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2014 - Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes has been fined $25,000 for kicking a water bottle into the stands and directing profane language at fans, it was announced today by Rod Thorn, President, Basketball Operations.
The incident occurred with 2:09 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Clippers' 104-96 loss to the Washington Wizards on Dec. 12, at Verizon Center.

And it looks like these aformentioned fans went right to twitter after the incident:

It's certainly possible that @NatsNatitude's tweeting is what alerted the NBA to Barnes's actions. It's also possible the league was watching footage and saw the incident take place.

There's also not really any way to tell if these fans (or fans nearby) said anything specific to provoke Barnes, but the NBA rules are very clear about players having any sort of altercation with fans. And now Barnes has $25,000 less as a result.

UPDATE: Matt Barnes offered his side of the story on Twitter: