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The latest example of why Wizards and Cavaliers fans will never get along

Watch how an innocent suggestion for peace gets ripped to shreds by rival fans.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

NBA All-Star balloting got underway yesterday, and as we've explained before, there's no guarantee that John Wall makes it to the All-Star Game this season, despite his stellar play this year. The best way to ensure John Wall makes the All-Star Game is to vote early and vote often for him to get a starting spot in the game.

Last year, John Wall had difficulty just getting ahead of Derrick Rose, who didn't play a single game that season. With Rose back, the challenge to get a starting spot is that much more difficult this year. That's where Justin Rowan, a writer at Fear The Sword came in with an idea that made a lot of sense Thursday evening:

A John Wall-Kyrie Irving voting bloc to keep Derrick Rose from getting voted in? That's just crazy enough to work, so we retweeted Justin's idea and asked for the rest of Fear The Sword's help in getting the idea off the ground.

This is where things began to go horribly wrong. First, Truth About It threw in their two cents on the idea:

So things were off to a great start already, but then, Mavs Moneyball, who had no dog in this fight, decided to chime in:

It's a bit odd that a city that features teams owned by Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones would love chaos, but that's none of our business. *sips tea*

After that, Fear The Sword chimed in and blamed a Bullets Forever commenter for why the voting bloc will never, ever work.

So alas, we tried, but we just couldn't work things out. That said, we were still able to agree on something.

Also, we are never, ever, ever getting back together.