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Kevin Durant is having problems getting the ball from the Thunder

If only there was a solution in his hometown to this present issue.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, things seem to be going great in Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are back, and it hasn't taken much time for the Thunder to hit their stride with their stars back. They've won four of their first five since getting Durant back, including Thursday's win over the Cavaliers, who had won eight straight coming into the game.

Despite the recent success, all is not well in Oklahoma City, and it showed during one possession in their game against the Cavaliers. The reigning MVP was being covered by Matthew Dellavedovanot the ideal candidate to cover someone Durant's size - but despite repeated attempts to ask for the ball, no one on the Thunder seems to notice here.

(Thanks to CBS Sports for the video and @mrbmendoza15 & @ouij for the tip.)

Unfortunately, Durant isn't miced up, so we can't hear exactly what he's saying here. If you're a good lipreader, you might think Durant is telling Lamb to "Get me the f***ing ball" but as is usually the case with Kevin Durant, the truth is far more sinister. We've recalibrated the Durant Translator (patent pending) to read Kevin Durant's lips, and here's the shocking quote:

"Get me to Johnny Wall."

Like you, we're shocked that he would say something so insulting to his teammates, but apparently yesterday was the day for NBA stars to do that, so it's our faults for not getting that memo apparently.

Some might want to take this time to question Durant's character, but let's take some time to put ourselves in his shoes before we judge. If you were homesick, would you get frustrated and possibly lash out from time to time? It has to be frustrating to always be reminded of your hometown but not get to be there as much as you want. And hey, if you could team up with the NBA's best passer while you're in town, why wouldn't you be angry?

The best solution for all parties is to get Kevin Durant back to Washington as quickly as possible. Durant gets a cure for his homesickness and his Thunder teammates no longer have to deal with insults and negative attitude. The Wizards? They get the satisfaction of knowing they helped diffuse a volatile situation. What better reward could you ask for than to see the smile come back to Kevin Durant's face as he makes his return home?