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John Wall's friendship with Miyah continues to touch hearts

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at John Wall, who continues to make waves with his influential friendship, and Martell Webster, who is on the fast-track to playing again. Also, a quick look at the Wizards, who face the surging Los Angeles Clippers tonight.

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1. Cincinnati Bengals' Devon Still relates to John Wall

John Wall's emotional postgame interview went viral immediately after his breakdown on live television following the Wizards' dramatic double overtime home win against the Boston Celtics last week. Former teammate Nick Young offered his condolences.

Devon Still, a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, lives every day what Wall went through when he befriended six-year-old Miyah Telemaque-Wilson. Still's daughter was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma this past summer and is an advocate in the fight against pediatric cancer. He reposted Wall's instagram collage with Miyah and had a touching message of his own.

2. How we can do our part to help Wall become an All Star this season

NBA All Star Game voting has officially begun.

Wall's name and popularity has seemingly risen exponentially since this time last year. And, as is nearly always the case, the more popular a player is the better chance they have to make it into the All Star Game, regardless of their actual on-court play. Luckily for us Wizards fans, Wall is excelling in both aspects.

He's gotten his own signature shoe, made an appearance in China this summer to expand that brand, appeared in a commercial solely for his brand and showed that helping others off the basketball court is more important than anything that happens on it. He's also definitively that he is the most influential player on the floor for the Wizards (despite absurd comments by some media members).

He deserves our vote. He deserves to, once again, showcase his talents on a worldwide stage this season.

3. Martell Webster to return in less than two weeks

He completed a full practice yesterday for the first time this season. He has apparently made it known that he plans on making his first appearance in a game around Christmas time. I think I speak for the entire Wizards community when I say that we are looking forward to having Webster back on the floor, and another shooter coming off that Wizards bench.

4. Wall, Marcin Gortat connection can take Wizards to Promised Land

The Wizards' midrange shooting has been a point of critique in recent seasons. Overall, they take too many and miss too many. Wall blossoming into one of the best point guards in the league has aided not only the offense as a whole but, in particular, Gortat's accuracy around the rim.

5. Wizards host Los Angeles Clippers tonight

The Wizards (15-6) will host the red-hot Clippers (16-5), in the midst of a nine-game win streak, for a showdown in the District. The game to watch for within the game will be two of the top point guards in the league going head-to-head. Wall will get a taste of Chris Paul and the Clippers' west coast flavor.

Tip off is set for 7 p.m. at the Verizon Center. You can watch live on Comcast SportsNet or listen on 99.1 WNEW.