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Colin Cowherd changes his mind on John Wall

Four years after Colin Cowherd criticized John Wall for dancing during pregame intros, he's finally changing his stance on the Wizards' star player.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

1. Colin Cowherd kinda sorta says he was wrong about John Wall

Not sure if you were paying attention on Tuesday, but John Wall's raw, genuine emotion after Monday's game got national attention, and not just from basketball fans. It's one of those stories that leaves a lasting impression on people, because they help remind us that sports are about much more than sports. Even Colin Cowherd took time on his show to laud Wall's character and maturity. But as Dan Steinberg notes, it's still not exactly an apology, and even if he's asking for one, Dan Diamond at Truth About It makes a strong argument against accepting any sort of apology from him and Tom Ziller reminds us that John Wall's character hasn't changed any since Cowherd first made his comments, he's always been an outstanding person.

Still, it's amazing how one truly compassionate act has a way of getting one's harshest critics to reevaluate their thoughts on that person. Likewise, it's amazing how one truly incompassionate act -- you know, like criticizing a player's leadership abilities because their father died before they entered middle school -- has a way making it incredibly difficult for one's mildest critics to reevaluate their thoughts on that person.

2. This should be the Wizards' team photo

Over the weekend, the Wizards got to see Chris Rock's new movie up in Boston and Jumoke Davis tweeted this photo of the team outside of the theater, and everything about it is great:

  • John Wall's outfit.
  • Otto Porter lurking in the background.
  • Kris Humphries' outfit.
  • Bradley Beal ordering enough food to feed a small family for a movie that's less than two hours long.
  • Kris Humphries, who looks like he's up to something.
  • Kevin Seraphin, boxing out Drew Gooden to make sure he's front and center in the picture.
  • John Wall, who is wearing sunglasses inside a movie theater.

3. Eastern Conference standings update

Cleveland rallied to beat Toronto for their eighth straight win. The win puts Washington only one game behind the Raptors for the top spot in the East, but it also means the Cavaliers are only one game behind the Wizards for third place. They're both off tonight, so the Wizards will only move half a game closer in one direction or another after tonight's game. For more on last night's action, I'd highly recommend checking out Good Morning It's Basketball, if you're not already.

The Hawks, who have the same record as the Wizards at the moment thanks to a seven game winning streak, face the 76ers tonight. While we don't want to do anything to discredit Philadelphia, we'd suggest the Wizards go out and play like they need a win over the Magic to keep pace with Atlanta.

4. Wizards in Orlando tonight

It's December 10th, but the Wizards are already prepping for their third game this season against the Orlando Magic. They've won their last six against Orlando, including last year's overtime thriller that featured Bradley Beal's chasedown block on Jameer Nelson. The swat led to three pointer on the other end. I'm not a math major, but a five point swing in a four point victory sounds pretty important.

Tip off is set for 7 p.m. at the Amway Center. You can watch the game live on Comcast SportsNet and listen on 99.1 WNEW.