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Advice on how Charlotte can survive the next three years of Stephen Curry rumors

The Wizards aren't the only team in the Southeast Division dealing with a player pondering a return to his hometown.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Stop us if you've heard this before: One of the NBA's best players was asked by reporters about what it would be like if he played in his hometown, and the player said something complementary of where he grew up and it becomes a story about how that player is going to leave for their hometown when their contract expires, followed by a mountain of stupid blog posts taking every little thing that players and says and does and making it into how that player will come back home in just a few years.

Well, last Thursday the phenomenon spread from D.C. southward into North Carolina, when Stephen Curry was asked about what it would be like to come back home and play for the Charlotte Hornets:

"That's hard to get out of your head, but obviously, it has no bearing on decisions that I make down the road," said Curry, who can become a free agent after the 2016-17 season. "It's just a fun thought to have. The Hornets name does mean a lot to my family, and obviously I'm starting a new thing with the Warriors. I definitely feel right at home here (with Golden State)."

Since we have some experience dealing with this kind of thing, we wanted to offer some advice to our sister site, At The Hive, on how to deal with the madness to come.

Revert back to the Hornets' name and color scheme

That way, you'll tug at Stephen Curry's heartstrings and make him feel like he really can go home again.

oh wait you guys already did that let's move on

Monitor Stephen Curry's social media for any and all hints

Nothing allows us to understand a player's true feelings like what they post on Facebook and Twitter. If Curry posts something about his hometown, his dad, his brother, his feelings on something Carolina based or college, since he played in North Carolina.

Generate your own story lines when necessary

If he goes longer than a week without doing something that talks about his upbringing, or doing something that hints at his return, just find something he's doing in life and find a way to make it about how he's coming back to Charlotte. The more desperate the reach is, the better.

Get the Hornets to hire people with connections to Stephen Curry

There's no shame in trying to hire away Stephen Curry's colllege coach, Bob McKillop, to join Steve Clifford's staff in Charlotte. Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to sign his little brother, Seth Curry, to your team. Every little move your team makes offers another glimmer of hope.

Trade Kemba Walker

You can't expect Hornets fans to visualize Curry in a Hornets uniform if you still have a good player holding down his position deep into the future. The best thing you can do is rip off that bandaid now and start to move toward a brighter future with the hope of Stephen Curry. We may not have liked it when the Wizards let go of Trevor Ariza, but it made it clear to every Wizards fan that it's KD or bust in 2016. It's time to let go of that Kemba Walker parachute, Hornets fans.

[Full disclosure: Yes, this helps the Wizards out in the short term, but trust us, this will totally work for you guys. It probably wouldn't hurt to trade Lance Stephenson and Al Jefferson either.]

Ignore rational thoughts

It will make this whole process easier.