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Translating Kevin Durant's Twitter Q&A about his documentary

Kevin Durant claimed to be on Twitter today to talk about his upcoming documentary, but the Durant Translator tells a different story.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

With Kevin Durant on the mend from his injury, he had some time on his hands this afternoon to answer some questions about his documentary "The Offseason: Kevin Durant" which conveniently comes out this evening.

While this might seem like a harmless PR stunt to draw interest to the documentary tonight, we here at Bullets Forever always dig deep to make sure we're not missing something more important. And as it turns out, Kevin Durant is once again using social media to secretly inform the Wizards about his plans for 2016. We saw him do this before in his first press conference after surgery, and he's up to his old tricks once again. What seem like innocent questions are actually serious inquiries the Wizards sent to him in advance to answer about the summer of 2016.

We used our Durant Translator (patent pending) to uncover the truth in Kevin Durant's answers.

What's the hardest part about not being able to train close to your hometown?

Was it hard going to FedEx Field in September with John Wall, knowing that people in Washington are starting to connect the dots about your future homecoming?

How much time do you spend thinking about being on the Wizards?

Is it true you've been playing Words With Friends with Bradley Beal?

Looking back, what can you take from your days in Oklahoma City to motivate you in Washington D.C.?

What are the two things your future teammates and fans will love most about you?

How many titles do you think you'll help us win? 3? 10? 100?

What are you going to eat to celebrate signing with the Wizards?

What is your favorite part of Bullets Forever translating all your quotes?

So there you have it. But as it turns out, Kevin Durant is sending hidden messages on a number of different levels. Major thanks to @Eth8n for catching this:

You can't sneak anything by us, Kevin Durant!