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Kevin Durant may have already narrowed it down to the Wizards and Thunder in 2016

There's a tidbit in Zach Lowe's latest post on the Thunder that could be great news for the Wizards, if the rumblings are correct.

Alex Goodlett

If you've read this site for any amount of time, you know we cover Kevin Durant's impending free agency with gobs of whimsy, since it's still over a year and a half away still. Plenty of things can happen between now and late June 2016 that make anything said now null and void by the time Kevin Durant actually has to make a decision on where he spends the next part of his basketball career.

Still, when serious writers talk about Kevin Durant's future and pass along worthwhile information, we want to pass it along to you in a responsible way. That said, here's the always-excellent Grantland's Zach Lowe chiming in on what he's heard about teams in the hunt for Kevin Durant in 2016:

The Texas teams will take their shot if they hear the right intel, and Durant's hometown Wizards are biding their time in the easier conference. That intel is all over the place, by the way. Some teams are optimistic it will be open season, and others have heard rumblings that Durant has already made it known it will come down to the Thunder and Wizards. Nobody really knows.

Of course, the key to that paragraph is the last sentence, "Nobody really knows." As much as we try to infer something about these rumblings, we're still a long ways away from knowing just where the Wizards stand in this chase. But if nothing else, it's comforting that we're not hearing rumblings that the Wizards are out of the running.