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Wizards snap first losing streak of the season at home versus the Pelicans

The Polish Hammer came up huge against one of the biggest frontcourts in the NBA, helping the Wizards stave off the Pelicans for their tenth win of the season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Marcin Gortat helps Wizards beat Pelicans, 83-80

Gortat has struggled at times this season, but he was the anchor for the Wizards, both offensively and defensively, against the Pelicans last night. The Wizards got back to their formula for success -- defensive pressure -- and held New Orleans to a season-low 80 points. Paul Pierce also hit a couple big shots down the stretch yet again. The Wizards are now 10-5, with a big divisional matchup against the Miami Heat at home tomorrow night.

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2. Gortat rises to the challenge

Anthony Davis is an early-season favorite for league MVP, yet that didn't seem to bother Gortat one bit. Every time he got the ball near the hoop, he attacked Davis. His jump shot was falling, he was working the pick-and-roll really well, and his left-handed hook shot was dropping for him nicely. While the league's leader in shot blocks, Davis, didn't have any on the night, Gortat registered four rejections for the Wizards.

3. Grading week 5 for the Wizards

The team went through a rough patch where they lost two games mainly due to a lack of energy or care for the basketball. How would you grade the team's performance over the past week? Here's one grading system.

4. Randy Wittman wants wings to run with John Wall

It's not easy to catch up to Wall, but Wittman doesn't care. He wants his players to get out and run with the point guard to increase the team's pace.

"Loved John’s game today," Wittman said. "I always try to tell you guys you can’t read into the stats stuff. I thought John was fabulous… I thought his pace was good. We just didn’t have anybody running with him and sometimes when you see that happen you’re going to stop running. So I thought that John had a really good, solid game for us."

It makes sense. Wall created for himself a niche last year of finding players spotting up in the corners for three point attempts. There has been a lack of that so far this season.

"Our pace was just not very good from an offensive standpoint," Wittman said. "We’ve got to get our wings out, down the floor and in the corner for threes, and spread the floor in transition. That’s what we’ve got to do a better job of. Right now we’re jogging up and down the floor rather than sprinting."

5. Wall's hat game leaves much to be desired

He was feeling pretty good after the game. The team just snapped its first losing streak of the season and he played a very good game overall.

But then he decided to break out the hat.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than Pharrell's hat, Wall goes and wears that thing. Personally, I think Rasual Butler's hat game is on point in this picture, but hey, Wall is the face of the franchise, so why not add a hat to top off the image?

Sounds about right to me.