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Kevin Durant predicted LeBron James would leave Miami

It's almost like Durant KNOWS the signs that someone is getting ready to leave their team to return home.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night, HBO is airing "The Offseason: Kevin Durant" which chronicles Kevin Durant's tumultuous and wacky summer. The documentary will focus on Durant's off-season training, negotiating his new shoe deal and withdrawing from Team USA, among other subjects.

Michael Lee reviewed the documentary for the Washington Post and included some interesting nuggets in his review that will excite anyone looking for

Durant fares better in the reality special than in his feature film debut, "Thunderstruck." During one scene, Durant's agent, Rich Kleiman of Roc Nation Sports, got upset after a reporter violated terms of an interview agreement and mistakenly asked Durant about becoming a free agent next summer. Durant politely corrected the reporter and told her that he is actually signed for two more years with the Thunder and wasn't thinking beyond that.

Durant, however, does appear to predict the future for LeBron James while watching the Spurs clobber the Miami Heat in five games in the NBA Finals.

"LeBron is gone if they lose this series, dog," Durant shouts at his television to no one in particular.

How prophetic! Based on what little we have to go on here, we're assuming that Kevin Durant made this correct prediction based on the following criteria:

  1. LeBron doesn't like falling short in the quest for NBA championships.
  2. LeBron doesn't like losing to the Spurs.
  3. If LeBron can't be successful where he is, he would probably prefer to go to a team near his hometown where he could join with a younger core that's ready to push him back to the top.
  4. If LeBron can't be successful where he is, he would probably prefer to be revered as a demigod-like figure in the area where he grew up.

I mean, it seems like Kevin Durant would come to that reasonable conclusion based on those criteria, but I could be wrong. It just seems like Durant is reasoning that LeBron's hometown Cavaliers had more to offer than the team LeBron was stuck with during the NBA Finals.

But who knows, maybe LeBron told him explicitly that he was going to leave if Miami didn't win another title. Maybe he said something about being fed up that Heat were penny pinching and letting key players go to him directly before the 2014 NBA Finals. Maybe LeBron said something about trying to pioneer a movement of players going back to their hometown teams. It's all a big mystery.

Anyways, here's the trailer for the documentary. We'll be on the lookout for more helpful tidbits on why Kevin Durant would think that LeBron returning to his hometown was such a logical, common sense option for an elite player tired of coming in second place.