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Wizards win, deliver fishing metaphor

Drew Gooden explains the feeling of winning the first home game this season, while Otto Porters' play against the Milwaukee Bucks opened some eyes about what he can bring to the team.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pretty quiet day on the Wizards front yesterday, but we gathered a few tidbits for your enjoyment nonetheless.

1. Wizards get the skunk off the boat

Apparently the Wizards' victory against the Milwaukee Bucks at home Saturday night is best explained with a fishing metaphor to describe the happiness. Sounds bizarre, doesn't it? That's how Drew Gooden III could best sum up his feelings about it.

"In fishing terms, we got the skunk off the boat," said Gooden. "We started off with a win. It's always good to start out on a positive in this league rather than starting in the hole losing. Our whole mind-set right now is protecting home. That's something we didn't do last year in the playoffs. We lost here at home and we remember that feeling."

It doesn't bother me how the players want to describe the feeling of winning as long as the victories keep on coming in heaps. Plus, protecting home court has been a point of emphasis since the players began training camp, so winning the first was a great start.

2. Re-live the magic from the home opener

Ok, ok. It was only one game. But it was the team's first home win of the season and yesterday was a slow day as far as Wizards news goes. So can't we just enjoy it?!

The crew over at Truth About It gave an in-depth look at what it took to beat the Bucks (Spoiler Alert: It involves a lot of Otto Porter).

3. Speaking of Otto...

The second-year forward's play in the win sparked some more chatter on the World Wide Web. Especially here in the DMV.

4. Garrett Temple playing with bounds of confidence

Temple was picked by Randy Wittman to hold down the fort as the starting shooting guard while Bradley Beal recovers from his wrist injury and he has not disappointed. Temple has finally stuck with the Wizards after years of bouncing around the NBA and D-League because of his effort on the defensive side of the ball. Temple is a great guy off the court and now his offensive game is finally catching up to what he provides defensively on the court.

5. The good, the bad, and the ugly so far

The good: John Wall.

The bad: inconsistent defense.

The ugly: rebounding.

Agree? Disagree? Take it up with Bleacher Report because that's what they've seen thus far from the Wizards after three games.