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This isn't the first time Andre Miller and Paul Pierce have been teammates

Today's Wake-Up Call features a flashback in time when Miller and Pierce were teammates on their YMCA youth basketball team. Also, Kevin Seraphin is still difficult to figure out, while the Wizards will apparently do whatever it takes to keep Bradley Beal for the long haul.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

1. Andre Miller and Paul Pierce were YMCA teammates

Back in Inglewood, California, Miller begged his coach to pick Pierce in the 1989 YMCA draft. He did, and the two went on to help their team win back-to-back league championships

"He came over and started killing me with the pick," Furnace said from his home in Round Rock, Tex. "He kept saying, ‘Pick Paul.' So I picked Paul."

"Paul" was 11-year-old Paul Pierce , who had recently moved with his mother, Lorraine, from Oakland to the city in Los Angeles County. The family friend already on the roster - a former student in the kindergarten class taught by Furnace's wife, Teri - was 13-year-old Andre Miller .

2. What to make of Kevin Seraphin?

Seraphin's been with the Wizards for five years now, yet his career has consisted of just the opposite -- inconsistency. Through the ups and downs, though, he could always rely on one thing that has been his trademark whenever he gets around the hoop. His hook shot.

3. Wizards will do whatever it takes to keep Bradley Beal

In the most unsurprising news of the day...

The Wizards realize they have a budding superstar on their hands in Beal. After Randy Wittman (and just about everyone else in the NBA world not named Sam Smith) mockingly shot down a Beal for Kobe Bryant trade earlier this season, it's obvious that the Wizards want to keep the 21-year old for a long, long time and will probably give him a max contract when the time comes following the 2016-2017 season.

As league executives believe in Beal’s ability to command a maximum salary extension, the Wizards have made clear around the NBA that they’ll do whatever necessary to secure Beal’s long-term deal, sources told RealGM.