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Paul Pierce yells at fan who won't be quiet

Paul Pierce is not a villain. Just last weekend he signed his shoes and gave them to a lucky fan in Milwaukee who wore his old Celtics jersey. And when he's not doing great things for fans in arenas, he's dressing up as Captain America for Halloween, because that's the kind of guy he is. But like anyone, he can get annoyed, and at his advanced age, he just really doesn't have time to suffer fools getting in the way of his job.

During the third quarter of Tuesday's game against the Hawks, a fan started yelling for the Wizards to put in Bradley Beal, who didn't start the half, since the Wizards are still being cautious with his playing time. As Kris Humphries went to the line for a pair of free throws, the yelling got louder and more noticeable, and Paul Pierce decided he had enough, as you can see here: (HT: Nick Bilka)

When the fan kept going, Pierce got a little more colorful.

We post this as a warning to anyone who is thinking about walking on Paul Pierce's lawn.