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Marcin Gortat's Gortatsburg Address is perfect

Friday night, the Wizards unleashed their secret weapon to topple the Cavaliers: Marcin Gortat delivering a speech in an Abraham Lincoln hat.

Back at Media Day we wondered why Marcin Gortat was wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat for some of his pictures. During Friday night's game against the Cavaliers, we finally received our answer. The Wizards showed this video of Gortat addressing the crowd before the second half of their game against the Cavaliers. Clearly, it did the trick. John Wall went off for 17 points in the quarter as the Wizards pulled a way for the win.

Here's the full transcript of the Gortatsburg Address, if you can't watch the video right now:

Four quarters and seven games ago, our fathers brought forth to this city a new team, conceived in quickness and dedicated to the proposition that all dunks are meant to be slammed.

Now we are engaged in a great war, testing whether that team, or any team so conceived and dedicated can long endure. It is rather for us, to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us-that from these raucous fans we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave their voices for-that we here highly resolve that these fans will not have died in vain-that this team, under Ted, shall have a shot at the championship-and that this team of D.C., by D.C. and for D.C., shall not perish from this league.