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Wizards still interested in signing Ray Allen, according to report

Ray Allen is still keeping himself in shape for NBA action, and if he decides to return, the Wizards are reportedly open to giving him a shot.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Back in September, it was reported the Wizards were one of several teams to reach out to Ray Allen, prior to training camp about joining their squad, even though they were reported to be a long shot in the process. To date, Ray Allen still hasn't joined a team yet, but according to ESPN's Chris Broussard, if Ray Allen does decide to join a team for a title run, the Wizards are still interested in his services.

Certainly, it helps the Wizards' case that they currently have a better record than the Bulls, Spurs and Cavaliers, and just so happen to be fourth in SB Nation NBA's latest power rankings. Of course, with it being so early in the season, the Wizards can't bank on that being the case all season long. And once the Wizards can't rely on having a better record, it's going to be difficult for the Wizards to make a case ahead of any of the other three teams listed.

But if the Wizards are able to keep this up and convince Ray Allen to come to Washington, it won't be difficult for them to make space for him on the roster. Rasual Butler's deal doesn't become fully guaranteed until January 10th, so the Wizards can cut him loose and bring on Allen.