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Wizards hope rest is the key for lingering injuries to Nene, Porter

The Wizards are hoping for some positive injury updates on Nene and Otto Porter, and we look into whether or not it's time for Beal to return to the starting lineup in today's Wake-Up Call.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

It was slow on the Wizards front yesterday, but we've got you covered with as much information as we could get our hands on.

1. Nene and Otto Porter taking advantage of rest days

It looks like Porter's injury and subsequent missing of Saturday's game in Milwaukee was more precautionary than anything. Nene, on the other hand, has a history of plantar fasciitis, the foot injury that caused him to play only six minutes vs. the Bucks before the pain became too much to handle. Even more worrisome is that the most recent injury wasn't to the foot that had been the cause of numerous games missed since his arrival in D.C. back in 2012. It's his other foot that's painful now.

It's a good thing the Wizards added depth this offseason in preparation for times like these.

2. Wizards look to create some space

The Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten off to a rockier start than anyone expected and the Chicago Bulls are trying to stay afloat at the top of the East as they deal with injuries to key players. With Porter's injury seeming minor and Nene uncertain, though with the depth to make up for his absence, it's a perfect time for the Wizards to play five of the next six games at home. The only road game will be in Cleveland against the Cavs and another win could solidify their early dominance over them. The Bulls, meanwhile, have four straight games on the road.

3. Should Bradley Beal start tomorrow night?

Beal hasn't missed a beat since his return less than a week ago. His 17 points against the Bucks on Saturday helped give the bench a total of 54 points. He began with the second unit but played often with John Wall and the starters as the game progressed. On the flip side, Garrett Temple's hot shooting became ice cold almost overnight, though he remains in the starting lineup. For those who feel he should be yanked immediately, think again. Nothing is out of the picture, but there's a good chance he will continue there for the time being.

4. Re-live the win vs. the Bucks

The Wizards won their ninth game of the season on Saturday, holding off a Bucks team that came out fired up out of the gates. It was another example that this team is different than in year's past, as the strong start from Milwaukee, after a big win on national TV, would typically be a recipe for disaster for the Wizards. This year's team has so far shown they are different with the win in Milwaukee.

Having Paul Pierce around doesn't hurt, either.