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Wizards win as a group over the Cavaliers

John Wall led the team with a game-high in points, assists and steals, while Kevin Seraphin logged very impressive and productive minutes. All this helped give the Wizards their first signature win of the season.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

1. Wizards share ball, dominate paint in win over Cavs

It's becoming a theme this season for these Wizards; the first and second units are balancing each other and the product is a team that has depth and uses it to its full potential. It also helps when typically-inconsistent players are starting to bring a lot to the table each game along with solid veterans filling in.

John Wall's play will draw the national headlines after the Wizards handily beat the Cavaliers on ESPN, 91-78, but Kevin Seraphin will get much deserved praise from the local crowd as well. Needless to say, it was an incredible team effort last night while shutting down this season's biggest Big Three.

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2. Wizards use continuity

One of the biggest problems for the Cavaliers is that their offense stagnates at times and becomes isolation-heavy. That's not a problem for the Wizards so far this season. Their chemistry and communication on the floor has led them to an 8-3 record and among the top teams in the Eastern Conference in the early going.

3. Wall gets his point across

The Wizards wanted to get the monkey off their back and finally beat a "quality" opponent. No better way to do that then against their newly-rekindled rivals on national television. With the help of Wall, who clearly played with something to prove, he and the team got their point across.

4. Wall and Bradley Beal give back for Thanksgiving

The thing that makes me happiest regarding the backcourt duo is not what they do on the court, but rather off it. Wall has been known to give back to the community and in his most recent charitable gig, it was Beal who gave Wall the assist. The two used money from their own pockets to help give 500 families something to eat on Thanksgiving. They prepared bags for the families with food that they themselves will be eating on the holiday.

5. Hear from the teams

Starting with the visitors:

Kyrie Irving

LeBron James

And now the home team:

Glenn Consor with Kevin Seraphin

John Wall

Kevin Seraphin

Paul Pierce

Bradley Beal

Randy Wittman